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San Diego’s

Premier Women’s Transitional Sober Living Residences

Casa Pacifica Women is located in beautiful Solana Beach, California. Our home is less than two miles from the beautiful North County San Diego Beaches.

Casa Pacifica Women is close to several well respected out-patient programs for those wishing to include the continuing treatment component to their recovery while residing here with us at Casa Pacifica.


Casa Pacifica Women is located in beautiful Solana Beach , California.


Sober living communities provide those in early recovery with an environment where they can support one another in maintaining their sobriety. This should always be a safe place where staff and other residents can help one another work towards lifelong recovery one day at a time.

Drug and alcohol treatment centers begin the process of teaching a person to find the healthy lifestyle choices that will allow for sobriety and continued recovery. There are a lot of tools that are gathered while in a residential treatment program that are instrumental in learning about the disease of addiction and alcoholism. The reality however, is that often 30-90 day programs aren’t enough time to fully nurture the process of safely integrating back into ones environment. Sober living gives women the space and the opportunity to learn how and where to apply the tools learned in residential treatment in real-life situations while in a safe, supportive environment

With alcohol and drugs being so prevalent in our society the task of simply going to the grocery store or drug store can be extremely triggering for those in early recovery. Our house managers are available to go with you for support while you get stronger in your recovery so that when you go home, you’ve got the experience and foundation to do these daily tasks with less likelihood of reacting impulsively and making a decision that could ultimately send you back into the nightmare of active addiction.

Addiction is a monster and can be extremely cunning, baffling and powerful and our impulsivity is often the cause for a relapse. Sober living allows for the time to work on our impulsiveness therefore greatly decreasing the likelihood of a relapse. We at Casa Pacifica Women are happy to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to call or email us so we can best address your needs.


Happy Clients
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    "Sober living offered me an instant support group to come home to and a safe inviting environment to live in. I got plugged into the community and met wonderful women through this house. Laura herself always made sure I felt safe and was having a good experience."

    IVEY W.
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    "When I walked into Casa Pacifica something there felt safe, and I knew it was where I needed to be. The house manager encouraged me to be honest about how I was feeling and would talk to me for hours helping me to feel comfortable in my own skin."

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    "Something magical happened for me the day that I first visited the home and spoke to Laura; I felt unconditional love and support."

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    "I have had the pleasure to meet some amazing sober women through this house. Their love and compassion for one another is unparalleled. I was never scared of being judged when sharing and was always given undivided attention. I was given a chance to break free from my same toxic habits and start a new mindset."

    Ashley B.