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Laura has 12 years sober and her first day sober was here at Casa Pacifica Women. Laura had gone to a residential treatment program in 2006 but wanted to go home and wouldn’t agree to follow her 30 days in treatment up with sober living and relapsed a few weeks out of treatment. After 3 more years of a very destructive and miserable existence, she found her way to Casa Pacifica Women. A few years into her recovery, she became the house manager and over the past several years, Laura has worked closely with hundreds of women and is extremely passionate about bringing women hope, support and encouragement on their individual roads to finding the way back to loving themselves. Laura’s primary purpose in life is to empower and support every woman she meets in finding the courage to do the work to find the beautiful peace and love within themselves.

Personal Testimonial: Casa Pacifica holds a very special place in my heart. Something magical happened for me the day that I first visited the Solana Beach home and spoke to Laura; I felt unconditional love and support. The women of Casa Pacifica helped me learn to laugh again they taught me how to love myself. For that I am forever grateful. ~ Nicole C.

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Being a part of Casa Pacifica and helping women find their true authentic self and maintain continuous sobriety is something Kim never imagined herself doing. Growing up in Panama City Beach, FL she fell into the Spring Break party scene and stayed long after the party was over. After numerous treatments, detoxes and failed attempts at sobriety Kim chose to come to Casa Pacifica to create a foundation in sobriety. Four years later she not only calls California home but has planted deep roots in the recovery community and is returning the love and support that she received from Casa Pacifica to the women there today.

A natural born athlete you’ll often find her on a spin bike or in the gym picking things up and putting them down. Creativity is by far Kim’s passion whether it’s throwing paint on a canvas, slinging mud on a potter’s wheel, or finding new ways to get to Z without going through the whole alphabet. With the help of her strong and continuous connection to her Higher Power, working 12 step programs, doing intensive trauma therapy and being a “channel” of peace and hope for the women that she comes in contact with everyday she has found her true purpose in life. For Kim, having fun being sober and constant laughter is key to making it one day at a time. Those days start adding up and they turn into months that turn into years that turn into a life you never thought possible doing things you never thought you could.

~Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.
~Pablo Picasso

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Deborah has been with Casa Pacífica since Spring 2020. She is a Casa Pacífica alumni and is in long-term recovery. Deborah has a BA in sociology, studies Alcohol and Drug counseling at UCSD and is currently acquiring her CDAC accreditation. Her purpose is to help women find freedom and healing in mental Heath, substance use and processing disorders. Her passion is helping women rediscover their authentic selves and regain their purpose and power in life.

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Laura started drinking and using at 24 years old and drank and used for 16 years. At the age of 40, Laura went into a long-term treatment program and during her time there made the decision to become an AOD. She did that work for 25 years at a local treatment center and made the decision to retire to enjoy her golden years and spend time with her grandchildren. However, her passion for guiding and supporting women was too strong to resist when the opportunity to work part-time with Casa Pacifica Women came along. We are now blessed with Laura sharing her 32 years of recovery wisdom, her strong faith in a power greater than herself, and a kindness that lights up everyone around her to our ladies at Casa Pacifica.

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After many years of being chained by addiction, I have now dedicated my life to helping others find the freedom that I have found in recovery. I am a licensed breathwork facilitator, a certified substance use disorder counselor, and a health/wellness/relationship coach. After going through Casa Pacifica myself, nothing brings me greater joy than to give back to their community. I offer the women breathwork, counseling, reiki, and sound healing and create a space that encourages genuine healing. My mission is to empower women to reconnect with their true selves and live the lives they were always meant to.

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Our Casa Pacifica Emotional Support Team

We know how therapeutic dogs can be, so we went all the way to Arkansas to find the best of the best. Change and Jagger are ten months old, and their sole purpose in life is to love and bring smiles and support to everyone they meet.