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What Our Alumni And Their Families Are Saying

Deborah B.

I can only say wonderful things about this establishment. Not only is it a beautiful place to begin your journey into recovery but Laura, the owner, truly has a heart for seeing women’s lives healed. I would recommend Casa Pacificia to any women looking for the extra support one needs while getting sober.

– Deborah B.

Kelli B

Would move back in if I didn’t already have a home and a family. I was fortunate to meet Laura Winter through multiple events before I became a resident in her sober living. Once she gave me a tour of the houses, I knew I was sold. Laura has a passion for recovery and those in it far beyond what is comprehensible to most. She does her best to employ others who have the same caring, loving, compassion that she does. I stayed at Casa Pacifica for 3 months and planned to stay longer, except for a family emergency. On that note, Laura was very understanding and accommodating to my situation.
Laura employs women who have had long-term recovery and ensures that their availability, both physical and emotional, is within reach 24/7.
Laura isn’t in it for the money, she’s in it for the recovery. Although I haven’t been a tenant for almost a year, we keep in contact regularly. Additonally, I have regular contact with my old house mom as well.
I couldn’t ask for better follow-up care anywhere!! Thank you Laura and staff and I love you all very much!

– Kelli B.

Dana K

A supportive, understanding and loving environment is essential in early recovery. Casa Pacifica provides all of that – starting with Laura the owner – as well as her staff. They understand the challenges of early recovery and provide a beautiful home that is safe and caring, and where tools for learning to live a sober life are shared with residents each day. The fellowship and camaraderie amongst the residents and staff, and most especially the guidance offered by Laura and her staff offer a solid foundation for a new life in recovery.

– Dana K.

Tracy G

Casa Pacifica saved my sister’s life and continues to save hundreds of other women’s lives. Laura is one of the most caring, compassionate, and dedicated women that I’ve ever met. She has a way of connecting
with people to understand their struggles and to give individualized help to both the women and their families. She helped me and my parents through this difficult time as much as she helped my sister.
The two homes are spotless and nicely appointed. The house managers are professional and supportive, and so are the wonderful group of women that reside there. It’s not just a sober living home, it’s a full recovery program that truly helps women learn how to live a happy and functional life.
Before finding CP, my sister went to two other sober living homes in the area and neither provided the care and support that she got from Laura.
If you know someone who is struggling and is looking for help, I highly recommend Casa Pacifica Women.

– Tracy G.

Ashley B

I have had the pleasure to meet some amazing sober women through this house. Their love and compassion for one another is unparalleled. I was never scared of being judged when sharing and was always given undivided attention. I was given a chance to break free from my same toxic habits and start a new mindset. I will always remember casa pacifica as a prominent part in my sobriety journey. I love all the women I got to live with and all the people who helped me in a very dark place. I learned so many new things, especially from the women in my house, that i will never forget. Casa pacifica will always be in my heart GO TEAM

– Ashley B.